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Registry Management

CORE provides strategic solutions for every phase of the life of a Top Level Domain (TLD) offering its partners high level expertise based on 20 years of business, policy and infrastructure development.

CORE has devised the means to create and grow the space for all kinds of TLDs, designing customized solutions for any specific need during the life of the TLD.

CORE has been actively engaged in the day to day operations of  a wide variety of  TLDs, helping them in every step of the process, including: creation of an entity, drafting of the TLD application, managing the registry operations, designing and facilitating the commercial promotions with registrars, and dealing with ICANN compliance.

CORE offers different partnership options based on the needs of each TLD.

Application of new extensions (TLDs)

CORE has drafted and worked with Top Level Domain applications since 2000, participating in every new gTLD round open by ICANN. CORE has successfully completed more than 25 TLD applications.

Individualized technical solutions adjusted to the needs of the specific Registry Operator and TLD

One size does not fit all. CORE adapts to the specific needs of your TLD, and not the other way around. CORE has been instrumental in the very notion of community based TLD for a variety of communities: from linguistic-based TLDs (.cat, .eus, .gal) to professional activity TLDs (.radio. .sport) or geographic TLDs (.madrid, .barcelona, .swiss).

CORE assists TLD customers in designing and develop individualized technical solutions that adapt to their needs. These custom-made solutions have led to specific technical developments such as new validation procedures, promotional features, whois requirements adapted to specific local legislations, etc.

Individualized policy and legal solutions

CORE assists interested TLD customers in designing and drafting all relevant legal and policy documents, such as the mandatory Registry Registrar Agreement (RRA), the TLD Launch Policy, the General Registration Policy, Agreements with Pioneers, Name Space Agreements, and any specific dispute resolution procedures approved by the Registry Operator.

Front-end registry services

CORE not only provides registry platform and technical back-end services, but also offers optional front-end services, including assistance during launch, registrar onboarding, and ongoing support to registrars and end-users.

Back-end registry services

CORE offers a state of the art technical registry platform with a full-featured control panel, which includes complete accounting and invoicing features. Learn more about CORE’s Registry Software.