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Consultancy Services

CORE staff is a group of highly qualified people with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of the domain name industry, including operational, legal and policy.  Our staff has management experience in the 5  largest TLDs.

CORE’s registry consultancy services include:

  1. Applying for new extensions or “Top Level Domains” (purely generic, community based, geographic TLD, IDNs, brand TLDs, etc.)
  2. Defining and drafting launch and registry policies, registry dispute resolution procedures, and domain name related agreements (like RRAs, Pioneer Agreements, Name Space Agreements)
  3. Registrar onboarding procedures
  4. Registry and business processes design
  5. Assessment on specific policy matters
  6. ICANN Registry compliance:
    • Assistance on specific ICANN compliance cases
    • Support during ICANN audit procedures
  7. Representation before ICANN, including contractual renegotiation, participating and lobbying in favor of new policies