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To join CORE and act as a registrar benefiting from the advantages of CORE members, an applicant must take the following steps:

Fill out, sign and send the membership application form to
Get an application

Upon receiving confirmation from CORE that the application has been deemed acceptable, pay the Initial Deposit of 3,500 USD1(fully available to fund registrations)

Sign the standard COREhub Terms and Conditions which the applicant will receive by email, an start operating

Membership Fees

Since January 2007 the CORE Membership Fees are USD 100 per month (USD 10 per month for members from countries with a GDP below 15000 USD as per the current list of the International Monetary Fund) irrespective of the number of domain registrations. Membership fees are invoiced to all CORE members monthly and separately from the monthly domain name operations.

Advantages of being a CORE member

  1. COREhub registrar services are available to CORE members and non-members alike. CORE members, however, always benefit from the best prices.
  2. CORE is built on democratic consensus, where proposals are debated by all the members. Each member has a right to vote (all votes have the same weight) and to propose new ideas.
  3. CORE outsources a good part of its technical developments to members to develop member’s involvement in CORE and take advantage of joint experience and knowledge.
  4. CORE’s Executive Committee represents the members’ interests in all the important meetings (ICANN, EFTF, WHD, GDD Summit).

1 USD 500 for applicants from countries with a GDP below USD 15000 as per the current list of the International Monetary Fund.