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CORE is a not-for-profit international association based in Switzerland. Its services are available to its members and non-members alike and include key domain name registry and registrar solutions (through its wholly owned subsidiary, COREhub). CORE’s systems are developed and operated in collaboration with CORE members and partners.


The association is aimed at preserving, developing and sharing resources for names and identifiers on the Internet. It recognizes that names and identifiers are a public good and must be part of a unified environment that can be accessed and trusted by everyone. It works towards these aims by developing standards, software and services.

20 Years of History

CORE was created in 1997 as a Council of Registrars with the objective to provide new spaces to foster diversity and innovation on the Internet. This essential principle has guided the transformation of an Association that was created prior to ICANN into one of the leading forces in the DNS industry.

CORE is widely credited in the DNS industry for the design and stewardship of community TLD domain names. CORE has since its inception been a strong advocate for the responsible management and use of TLDs. Even though CORE had been providing services to Registries since 2001, it was the application and launch of .museum in 2001 and .cat in 2006 that positioned CORE as the reference for community oriented TLDs. The .cat mould was in the following years replicated worldwide, making community TLDs a distinctive category in the new gTLD applicant guidebook.

Trusted TLD Operator, serving all kinds of Top Level Domains

Since then many Governments and community non-for profits have trusted CORE to be their partner in the management of their Registry operations. CORE works alongside the community stakeholders to enrich their communities, providing solutions for any management and operational need on top of state of the art technical infrastructure.

The reliability and stability demonstrated by CORE in these innovative operations has attracted multinational companies to trust CORE with their brand TLDs. CORE’s pool of resources and expertise has guided some of the best known consumer brands.

Today CORE provides Registry Solutions to more than 25 extensions (Top Level Domains) including open, community, geographic and brand extensions, as well as  IDNs and ccTLDs.

COREhub: CORE’s Neutral Registrar Channel

COREhub is a wholly owned subsidiary of CORE Association. COREhub was incorporated in 2013 to comply with ICANN’s requirement that registrar-reseller services are offered through a legal entity separate from the Registry Operator. Since 1 January 2014 COREhub took over registrar activity from the CORE Association. As a distinct legal entity, COREhub operates as a neutral registrar channel and as such it provides services both to CORE Association members and non-members.

COREhub operates under the same principles it inherited from the CORE Association: neutrality and a non-competing commitment to CORE members and partners.

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